Author - L.E. Barrett

“Only a few days in a lifetime possess within the duration of a few hours the power to alter all that has come before it and all that will ever come”

- The Boys from Joppa

L.E. Barrett originates from Hallowell, Maine and lives in Monroe, Maine. He received a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Master's Degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. He has published: two poetry collections, The Maine Poetic and Verses from Beneath Granite Ledges; a play, The Shadow of the Soul; a collection of thirteen short stories, A View from the Side of the Road; three highly original reference, photography, recipe books called Fiddlemainia, The Blueberry Coast and The Dandelion Conspiracy; a novel, The Boys from Joppa (the first book in his trilogy The Kennebec River Trilogy a historical fictional work about Hallowell, Maine in the early 1960s). L. E. Barrett will soon publish another collection of short stories called A View from the Other Side of the Road.